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» Application Social/Raid
by Faira on Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:12 pm

» Social App
by Jemmy on Tue Nov 04, 2014 9:19 pm

» Breea 90 Hunter (social app)
by Faira on Mon Oct 13, 2014 8:14 pm

» A new (old) challenger appears!
by Orthanos on Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:08 pm

» Application - Ellandar (mage)
by Faira on Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:33 pm

» Sorry :(
by Indridcold on Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:54 pm

» Application Steelsong/Nightwill
by Faira on Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:04 pm

» Application
by Faira on Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:03 pm

» membership Application
by Faira on Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:12 pm

» Social App (Panda Warrior)
by Faira on Sat Mar 22, 2014 7:53 pm


Welcome to Fey Mercurial

Latest news

A monster was spoiled!

Powered by an old god, death was still his destiny!

We plundered booty! Get your mind out of the gutter!

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We made a General mess of the place ...


And down goes Nazgrim on Normal mode!!
Good work everyone, and sorry about not noticing that you weren't in the shot Koy!! My bad :(

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And down goes Garrosh!


I touch the fire and it freezes me
I look into it and it's black
Why can't I feel?
My skin should crack and peel
I want the fire back

Now, through the smoke she calls to me
To make my way across the flame
To save the day or maybe melt away
I guess it's all the same

So, I will walk through the fire
Cause where else can I turn?
I will walk through the fire
And let it

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Dark Shaman <finish witty title here>


Congrats everyone on the kill, with special thanks to Scoot for the strat walk through.

[I get the screenshots up faster, I don't come up with good titles ;) ]

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The Siege has been Normalised!!

They begin to fall, one by one ...

The waters are cleansed.

Our allies are redeemed.
:( Not sure if we took a Screen Shot for this one :(

Our corruption is purged.

Pride is brought low.

The skies are scoured.

The juggernaut is disassembled.

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