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We have have 2 scheduled raid days: Thu, Sun. Thursday is a legacy raid unless we get a couple tanks and enough healers to do a normal raid.
Raids tend to run from 7:30pm to 10:30pm, with invites starting 15min before raid.

Currently looking for all roles
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Social DK tank app

Post by Wilson » Wed Jan 15, 2014 4:44 am

=========== Application ==============

Me: Wilson
Character Name: Talimyrsky
Class/Level: DK/7x (where x changes daily and is 5 at the time of writing)
Armory Link: ... sky/simple (it's not very flattering tbh)

A Short Life Story:
I've been in and out of the game for some time, as after a very heavily involved Vanilla, I tapered off in TBC but came back to raid in both TBC and the end of WotLK (to 10/12 ICC normal 10). I'm now making it a point to stay pretty casual as life is pretty busy, but I'd still love to do some raiding with a competent and fun group when time allows.

I've been playing Horde my whole WoW life, and my (to date) main still resides there, but my timezone (GMT +8 (Perth)) and the inability to commit to the more common raid schedules means that avenue of character progression is closed for now. I still plan to run that toon in LFR to keep in touch with them, but LFR is not rewarding, and my guild of old resubbed friends is long dead. I've come to Alliance in search of a bit more raid activity, and to reconnect with some old friends who have rerolled through the cross realm groups etc. This character will be my most active for some time as I finish levelling it and try to suss out what raiding I can do Alliance side.

While my timezone means I can't make your weekday raids, I'd love to make the weekend ones when I can. I'm an oldschool raider from the days of MC and BWL. My main's induction to my first serious raid team was joining them on day 2 of BWL, for non-stop Nef wipes, after the people who had farmed day 1 were not available. I enjoy progression wiping and progress, as this is how I have grown to know the game.

Besides that, I just really want to hang out in a guild of competent and chilled people. And as a minimum, I can bring to the guild short queue times for any of your DPS who need to run dailies :)

*Riesigelle - Orc Warrior tank 90. ... e/advanced My most played character by a long way and my favourite from the days when warrior multitarget tanking was hard and fun. Also from when femorcs were uncommon.
Lanesh - Orc Shaman healer 88.
Maegwin - Human Mage 63
Others not worth mentioning atm due to limited playtime. They'll all get parked while this toon levels and gears.

Raiding Spec: Tank
Raiding Gear summary + upgrade intentions:
Raiding Experience: MC, BWL, ZG/AQ20. Kara, SSC. ICC.
Last Raid Boss Kill: On this toon: none. In MoP: LFR Nazgrim. That really counted: 10 Valithria Dreamwalker.

My History:
Current Guild: Official Complaint (H)
Reason for leaving current guild: I'm the only active member since resubbing.
Previous guilds: Founding member of Nocturnus Vexillari back when they were an Aussie offshoot of a bigger guild on Azjol Nerub. I left before they became famous :(.

The People I know:
References from Fey Mercurial: Nil
References from outside Fey Mercurial: Nil

The Random Space:
Thoughts & Feelings about the Guild Charter: Seems cool. I really look forward to being part of a group of competent players, and the general feeling I get of the guild is that it's a cool, chill bunch. Looks like a nice place to hang out.

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Re: Social DK tank app

Post by Jemmy » Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:05 pm

Welcome to the guild :)
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