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Application Steelsong/Nightwill

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:48 pm
by steelsong
Character Name: Many (We are Legion Joke)
Class/Level: 90x13+* where * = various tons below 90 till an account is maxed out.
Armory Link: here is a couple ... ill/simple ... ong/simple
A Short Life Story:
Im a gamer that started when level 3 was the best you could do in D&D. I love roleplaying games, sci fi, and am an all round nerd/geeket. I love working with my friends to do things in game and have fun. I have a touch of aspergers and dyslexia so I typo all over and it drives me crazy.

Alts: Yes. ... -call.html
Tanking Paladin, healing shaman, DPS hunter

Raiding: Is fun.
Raiding Spec: melee or ranged dps, healing is good. I lac a mic so Im usually tossed out of tanking but I can do it.
Raiding Gear summary + upgrade intentions: when i boost Ill get nice stuff im sure :)
Raiding Experience: Last serious raiding was in Cataclysm, I did some heroics as a Warlock.
Last Raid Boss Kill: Seige wing 1 flex (one run). But really Ive been an LFR raider this expansion. My Fenris guild has done some random runs.

My History: is very very long.
Current Guild: Forgotten Legion
Reason for leaving current guild: Not intending to.
Previous guilds: Many. I started march 06 so Ive been around a bit.

The People I know: Moogyver and Nat pretty well.
References from Fey Mercurial: The Nat and Moo.
References from outside Fey Mercurial: <.< I could ask around if you like to get some. The Darkmoon Herald crew would be willing to I think.

The Random Space: blue! no! Greeaaaagh!
Thoughts & Feelings about the Guild Charter.
It sounds like a pretty solid document. Its a big reason Im applying. The other one being I have a huge affection for Moo and Nat.

Re: Application Steelsong/Nightwill

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:41 am
by Faira
Thanks for the application. We <3 Nat and Moo too.

An officer will chat with you asap.

Re: Application Steelsong/Nightwill

Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:04 pm
by Faira
Welcome aboard.

If you're really lucky Jemmy or Orth will see this and fix you up with forum access sooner rather than later. :relaxed: