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Social app (alesius)

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:40 am
by Vexil
Character Name: Vexil
Class/Level: Warrior 89
Armory Link: ... l/advanced
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A Short Life Story: Hey, I used to play with Fey many years ago during burning crusade, character was called Alesius back then. Went to try my hand at raiding a lot more and burnt out after a year or 2 of that. Came back to play with you guys a while back and then let my account lapse once the grind kicked in. With Draenor coming out I thought I'd check it out again, do some levelling, maybe some dungeons or some of the LFR things I've read about. Doubt I'd be doing any regular raiding as life doesn't really allow for that anymore.
Additionally my account was hacked in my absence (lost all my stuff, hack was so old by the time I found it they didn't have a record of it either) so hopefully nothing too horrible was done to anyone I know during that time, apologies if it was.

(We're a guild that has a high social factor, so we like to know more about our new recruits!)

Vexill - Death knight - level 80 (soon to be 90 from free boost then onto 100 I think) - this was my primary raiding character.
Slinkz - Mage - 80
Vexalis - Priest - 85 - character I played in cataclysm
Vexacious - hunter - 32
Alesius - Druid - 1

(Mark your favourite with a *. And why is it your favourite anyway?)

Raiding Spec: I have always played a tank, Death knight or warrior, thinking I might level a druid up.
Raiding Gear summary + upgrade intentions: everything if I ever raid again.
Raiding Experience: killed lich king during wotlk, got starcaller title for heroic kill of the star guy in ulduar...that was painful.
Last Raid Boss Kill: lich king

My History:
Current Guild: none
Reason for leaving current guild:
Previous guilds: Fey merc, panic, demise (gone now ironically), nubcakes (also gone now I think), fey merc again

The People I know:
References from Fey Mercurial: Maybe Jemmy or Faira still remember me? Do Kraehe or Tenaki still play?
References from outside Fey Mercurial:

The Random Space:
Hey guys, Hoping I can come back and hang out while I level my characters up. Planning to get a few up to 100 as I really enjoy running around levelling, nice mindless task to help me chill out after work. No real plans to do any serious raiding, should that change I'd obviously let people know. Won't assess this till I've tried out some dungeon tanking etc at level 100 with a few classes to see which is the most fun now.

Thoughts & Feelings about the Guild Charter.
Seen it before, still looks good.

Re: Social app (alesius)

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:32 pm
by Jemmy
Since your priest is still in guild,t his one is kind of moot. Welcome back :)