Billytjames 100 DK (Social/Raid app)

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We have have 2 scheduled raid days: Thu, Sun. Thursday is a legacy raid unless we get a couple tanks and enough healers to do a normal raid.
Raids tend to run from 7:30pm to 10:30pm, with invites starting 15min before raid.

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Billytjames 100 DK (Social/Raid app)

Post by Billyt » Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:04 pm

Character Name: Billytjames
Class/Level: 100
Armory Link: ... s/advanced
(Replace the ' with a %27)
A Short Life Story:
I’m 32 (yep, old as the hills) male, from NZ. Work in IT for a govt dept.

Have raided with US guilds for the last 5 years but I quit in MoP and just came back last month. Thought I’d try an Oceanic server. This is my first and only OCE toon. My GF is starting to play again so I’ll probably level a few more toons with her. Just want a casual guild to hang out with ATM.

I’m pretty competitive but chill. I absolutely hate being carried. I always pull my own weight but I don’t mind doing the heavy lifting when needed. I’m quiet in nature but not afraid to speak if needed. I’m a team player, I love helping others out.

(We're a guild that has a high social factor, so we like to know more about our new recruits!)
Alts: No alts that are even close to 100, maybe soon as I’m leveling a few with my GF.
(Mark your favourite with a *. And why is it your favourite anyway?)

Raiding Spec: Tank or DPS - I’m currently gearing for Tank for faster queues
Raiding Gear summary + upgrade intentions: 631 I know, pathetic, its my 2nd week at 100 so I’ve only a few pieces from LFR Highmaul. I expect to be 650+ in the next 2 weeks.
Raiding Experience: None
Last Raid Boss Kill:

My History:
Current Guild: From the heart
Reason for leaving current guild: It is just a guild full of people leveling that got spam invited. Joined it to take advantage of the guild perks. Not a bad guild guild, everyone is polite and friendly. It's just that it does nothing at end-game.
Previous guilds: None here. Used to be GM of a US guild The Holy Legion <Lightbringer> back in MoP.

The People I know:
References from Fey Mercurial: None
References from outside Fey Mercurial: None. New to the server.

The Random Space:
Thoughts & Feelings about the Guild Charter.
Pretty standard stuff. Nothing I disagree with at all. This is a game and social guilds are there to add to the fun which I am all for. I understand that although raids are casual, it’s not an excuse to reneg on commitments made to raids. I love helping others with dungeons, quests and raids...even old mount runs and xmogs. I’m not one of those guys that fusses over loot at all. I understand IRL comes first every time, but personally if I make a commitment to a raid, I’ll do my best to make sure RL doesn’t mess with my raid commitments).

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Re: Billytjames 100 DK (Social/Raid app)

Post by Orthanos » Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:58 am

Thanks for the application.

An officer will be in touch.

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Re: Billytjames 100 DK (Social/Raid app)

Post by Faira » Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:04 am

[quote="Orthanos"]Thanks for the application.

An officer will be in touch.[/quote]

Duplicate thread Orth. ;)
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